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      How Do Negative Reviews Affect Your Business

      • Google Reviews Are Considered To Be Trustworthy

        Since they are posted by former customers. Your potential customers do a research to know what your former customers have to say about you. Hence, a couple of negative Google reviews are enough to put off a significant number of customers. As a result of which, affected business owners desperately search for the methods to remove Google reviews. Below are the impacts of negative Google reviews on your business.

      • Diminishes Trust

        Trust is one of the core pillars for any business. It takes years to earn the trust of people and build brand loyalty. Fake Google reviews posted by your ex-employees or competitors can harm your hard-earned credibility. Ignoring these fake Google reviews can land your business in deep trouble. Taking help of fake review removal services early can minimize the damage and help you in rebuilding reputation. With elevated trust, your business is most likely to progress, and achieve new landmarks.

      • Depletes Website Traffic

        It is a common practice to Google a business name to do a brief online research. When people search for your business name, Google presents your Google My Business account with reviews. Well, that’s the first interaction. Having a significant number of bad Google reviews is a costly affair. A probable customer hesitates to make the next move, and you start losing your customer in the first interaction itself. As the result of which, traffic to your website reduces. Reduced web traffic is one of the key signs that you need Google reviews removal service.

      • Makes It Tough To Gain New Customers

        It is not rare to see a customer doing an online research before spending money for a product or a service. Here are some eye-opening surveys, which reveal the loss of percentage of potential customers with respect to number of negative Google reviews.

        • A single negative Google review is enough to drive away 22% of potential customers.
        • Three bad Google reviews can repel as much as 59% of potential customers.
        • Four negative Google reviews can make 70% of your potential customers to choose somebody else. This is the reason why most of the people wish to delete a Google review from Google My Business.

        This is the reason why most of the people wish to delete a Google review from Google My Business.

      • Influences Buying Decision

        The ultimate goal of any business is to sell products and services to customers, and earn the profit. Having a notable number of bad Google reviews creates a hesitation among the customer and negatively influences their buying decision. In other words, negative Google reviews redirect your potential customers to your competitors. It is never too late; negative Google reviews removal services can fix your online reputation and bring your business back on track.